09-17-2021 The Ending of a Summer

This blog has few words.  We are heading out for some time in Southern Utah red rock country.  My favorite thing.  Of course I will blog about our travels.  However, when I realized I hadn’t written a word about the time between our reunion at South Beach and our Utah departure, I thought I had better at least get something in here.  I know from past experience, when I think I am going to go back and write about some time that I missed, I almost never do.

Smoky smoky smoky.  What can I say.

Once in awhile the winds would blow the smoke away, almost.  The mountains to the north of our home weren’t often visible to us when the smoke was at its worst.

Hot summers mean cool food.  I can’t count the number of chicken cobb salads we had with the award winning Rogue Creamery blue cheese.

Kayaking this year was nearly impossible, with everything local almost empty, and we didn’t bother to try to head over the mountain to Klamath Basin because of the smoke.  Who wants to kayak in low water and smoky skies.

This is what 1 percent full at Hyatt Lake looks like

I joined a local book club.  This was our second get together, outdoors at Schmidt.  Before the big Oregon Covid delta variant surge.  We were all so optimistic about being vaccinated and beating the virus.  Ah well….it goes on, with Josephine County being the worst it has been throughout the entire pandemic. 

Check out the lovely young woman in the red shirt.  Kristin is my “newest” friend.  She reached out for a coffee date and we found we really enjoy someone new to talk to about stuff in general.  Kristin has three of the cutest little girls you could imagine, and a great husband who works at home so she can get a coffee date break every couple weeks or so.  Everyone in the group is interesting in their own way, with lots of diversity here in age and thoughts.  I am enjoying it, although the book was a bit fluffy.

Mo kept busy doing what she does, keeping up the maintenance around Sunset Hous.

Two of my daughters came to visit for an early birthday present, staying the weekend and taking me shopping to our local glass forge for some truly fabulous gifts.  Daughter Melody got in on the fun as well, with a remote purchase to add to the birthday treats.

Mo and I went to the Britt Festival to see Chicago.  Vaccinations and masks required at the outdoor venue.  It was fun, but smoky.  The music was some I don’t remember, and others that brought back memories of my kids listening to the radio in the 80’s.  It was great to get back to Britt though, more for the nostalgia than the actual event.  Mo and I have been going to Britt ever since we met.

We finally decided to add to our deck.  It required moving the plants from the herb bed I planted three years ago from 4 inch pots.

We were lucky to get Joel to do the work for us, same guy who did all the woodwork finishing in our house when we had it built almost 4 years ago.

Old deck was nice enough, but a bit too small to hold enough chairs and the bbq when we have guests

Mattie approves of the addition

Our friends from California, Nevada City, also approve.  Nickie and Jimmy stopped for an overnight on their way to the north coast. 

Yes, I stole the photos of our dinner time at the Taprock Grill.  Love enjoying the deck and view of the Rogue River.

As I said, few words and a fast post with only a few minutes until our departure time.  Edits can come later.


Author: kyotesue

Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

3 thoughts on “09-17-2021 The Ending of a Summer”

  1. Your new deck looks wonderful! So great that you were able to enjoy a Britt performance. That was a summer tradition for us, too, every year. I’m a bit disappointed that you weren’t able to kayak at Rocky Point, because that was another of our favorite summer/fall activities. And I always look forward to your photos of that very special place.

    So sweet that you enjoyed an early birthday celebration with your daughters. Those glass pieces are exquisite. I’m looking forward to your fall trip. Wishing you safe and fun travels!


  2. If you are in the St. George area during the first 2 weeks of October, stop by some of the softball fields for senior softball games. The Huntsman Senior Games will be held during these 2 weeks…several sports for ages 50 and up. You will find softball at Canyon Park fields as well as 3 or 4 others in town. My husband will be playing on 3 teams over the 2 weeks. Love the red rocks. Enjoy your adventure.


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