So Much Fun!

Current Location: Rocky Point Oregon 70 degrees F and gorgeous
Ah yes.  Not a lot to write about around here.  Recuperating from surgery is slow and sometimes tiresome, but every single day is better than the last day.  After a little over three weeks, I am actually feeling encouraged.  Maybe it will all be OK after all. 

I am having a great time lying around doing not much.  The little dog Mattie, is having a great time settling into our home and we adore her already.  Took her to the vet yesterday to discover that she is not two years old after all, but somewhere between six months and a year.  We decided on a year,  and gave her a birthday of April 15, 2014.  Tax Day.  At least we should have an easy time remembering the made up birthday.

The year old thing explains the propensity to hunt for little things to chew if she is bored, and for the rare accident in the house.  When that happens just after we have had her outside, it is a bit frustrating.  At least we caught her in the act, and that is a good thing, since I have heard that when training dogs, they have a short memory and won’t have a clue why you are mad at them if too much time lapses between the act and the disapproval.

Ah well…the joys of an almost puppy.  We had no desire to have a puppy, but she is adorable, and maybe her youth will mean that she is more trainable than if she were older.  She is getting confident enough and we are confident enough with her that she can go outside for walks around the property off leash.  She is great at dashing back when we call her even when she wanders a bit.  Never far, and never out of our sight for sure. 

But how much fun is it to blog about dogs and health stuff and whatever.  Nope we aren’t traveling.  Although traveling isn’t all that big a deal any more anyway.  A favorite blogger of mine said recently, “The the Rv blog pipeline seems to be clogging up with the sediment of repetition—S. O. S. reruns of silver haired lemmings beating rutted paths to the same places. It’s hard to spin new headlines from yesterday’s hotspots, especially when they’ve been covered ad infinitum by so many bloggers.”  Yeah.  That would be Mark, over at Box Canyon Blog, and sad to say, I have to agree with him.  I am one of those would be silver haired (if I didn’t keep coloring it) lemmings returning over and over again to Harris Beach, or wherever. 

The blogging world feels a bit tired and repetitive to me lately.  I realized reading Mark’s comments that I choose to read blogs for different reasons than before.  Now I read blogs of friends, of photographers I love, and writers I can’t resist.  Not much else. 

So it is the perfect time for Blogger and Live Writer to decide to part ways.  Bloggers all over G+ and elsewhere are moaning and groaning, including me.  So many of us write blogs for so many different reasons.  I don’t particularly care about how far out my blog goes, I care more about how it looks to me when I return to it.  My kids have grown to love my blog books, and I want them to be pretty and well formatted.  I want my archives available to easily search when I am trying to remember something.  Many things that Blogger does that WordPress doesn’t.  Besides, I don’t want to bother learning something else that may go by the wayside eventually.  Like Picasa.  But that is another story.

So, with LiveWriter dead in the water it seems, alternatives must be found.  Thank goodness I have a friend who understands my reasons for blogging and my personal parameters, as many of them are hers as well.  Thanks to Erin if this post actually ends up in the blog and looks half way decent.  It is a test.

Erin already pointed me to SmugMug for photos, but I hadn’t bothered to attempt linking my photos there rather than simply uploading them from my computer, so this is also new in this post.  The photos will take you directly to my Smug Mug photos.  Anxious to see how all that works as well.  Then, the really big test is if I can format all this in Live Writer offline, copy the HTML as Erin suggested, and manage to get it over into blogger looking somewhat like I wanted it to look.

I guess since it is a test, I should get busy with the testing part.  Here goes.

We even surprised ourselves with the trim color, but really love the way it is just a little bit different without being gaudy

Oh yeah.  A side note.  The rain that never came until May finally stopped and the painters are almost finished with my little house in Klamath Falls.  Tomorrow it will be listed and will go up for sale.  I am hoping for a quick sale, of course.