Year End

Current Location: Rocky Point, Oregon

As I wrote a year ago, this is what I think of as the blogger’s version of the Christmas letter.  I didn’t send a letter out this year, but I did send out one of those fancy little Shutterfly cards with photos and sentiments.  I even managed to sign them and add a note or two.  Seems again that the tradition of Christmas cards is slipping away.  I do love getting them, so am trying to keep up with the sending. 

I almost decided to skip the summaries, but realized as I was watching the Google and Facebook versions roll by, that perhaps I wanted a bit more control over how I remembered my year.  Nothing helps me remember quite as much as my photos.  This time, however, I think I’ll keep the words short and just let the year roll by. 

We began a three month journey through the Southwest and into Florida immediately after Christmas, traveling south to Desert Hot Springs, on to Arizona and into Texas, seeing Big Bend National Park for the first time001 January California to Big Bend

Winter on the Texas Coast was a new experience, and we thrilled at the bird life, the beautiful beaches and meeting some of our favorite people002 January Texas Coast

Taking a break from the MoHo, we cruised the Western Caribbean for some gorgeous water and tropical lands.003 February Caribbean Cruise

Back on the mainland and continuing south into Florida, we enjoyed the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, meeting more friends along the way.004 February Florida BeachesSomeone once said you come to Florida for the beaches, but you stay for the rivers.  That was true for us, it is the rivers that will call us back to the Sunshine State someday.005 March Florida RiversReturning west through Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Nevada was also filled with amazing new experiences, and more visits with family and friends.006 March Crossing the Country We couldn’t help but linger along the way home in the red soul of the world, the Colorado Plateau, where I at last walked the magnificent corridors of Antelope Canyon.007 March Lingering in the Southwest There is no better place to be in the springtime and summer than right here at home in Rocky Point, with short trips to our little Cottage in Grants Pass, family time with kids and friends, beach getaways, and lots of kayaking.008 Springtime at home Summertime travels took us north to a family reunion in Washington and farther north into Canada to camp and kayak along the gorgeous Kootenay Lake.  Camping trips to Great Basin National Park and beautiful Medicine Lake with lots of hiking and kayaking rounded out the summer.009 Summer Travels and Camping Fall was gorgeous, both in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, at Crater Lake with family for my birthday, and in Vermont celebrating a dear friend’s wedding.  10 Fall Travels Once again we are enjoying the Holidays at home, with a family Thanksgiving and Christmas here in Rocky Point.12 Thanksgiving and Christmas

Of course, our hearts are still missing our animals, Jeremy who left us in September, and Abby who passed peacefully at home just a month later.6-Jeremy the cat

No summary of the year however, would be complete without celebrating the beautiful people who crossed our paths and shared our lives and made everything richer with their friendship and love.

37-12-06-2014 Rocky Point Ladies Luncheon1

Author: kyotesue

Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

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