August 7 Riverside State Park and the Oukrop Reunion

Current Location: Rocky Point Oregon.  clear and sunny and a cool 61 degrees F

First let me say this entire post will be all about family and family fun.  Fairly personal stuff here, and fun for us to read and remember as insiders, but probably irrelevant to the bigger community of bloggers and others who manage to find their way to my blog, so bail now if all those family photos get boring.

family camp at Riverside State Park

From the left: Dan’s rig, the MoHo, Roger’s rig, Edna’s rig, with tents for Juli, Angie, and Randi’s families. Don opened up his home to the rest of the folks that didn’t camp at the park.

The logistics of a family reunion are always interesting, and this one was no exception.  Don, (on the left in the photo below) youngest of the 5 siblings that make up the original Oukrop clan, was a jet fighter pilot in the Air Force, retired to continue a career as an ROTC teacher.  His background showed well in his ability to organize and put together a rather ambitious schedule for the four days the family would share.

oukropsDon, Edna, Dan, Sharon (Mo) and Roger

He had the entire program worked out, with barely a moment to rest in between activities.  At the end he said, “Maybe I had us doing too much, had us all too busy?”.  Nope, it was perfect, with no time to get into trouble, especially for an incredibly active bunch like the Oukrop offspring. 

Family came from far and wide to join in the fun.  Here they are:dinner at Ginny and Gabes (1 of 34)

Edna the eldest of the five siblings and her husband Tom from Colorado

Oukrop Reunion Float (11 of 41) Edna’s daughter Susan and her husband Rick from Colorado with their youngest son David (older son Danny is in the canoe with Dan and Chere in another photo)

Oukrop Reunion Float (14 of 41) “the kids” as we called them…Edna’s granddaughter Callie and her sweetie Josh, also from Colorado

playing at Boulder Beach Water Park at SilverwoodDon, Dan, Roger and Mo…a nickname that totally confuses the Oukrop clan, since her name is actually Sharon.  I have to remember to refer to her as Sharon when with the family. 

First night at Riverside Oukrop Reunion (7 of 15)Roger, with his wife Nancy, came from Lapine, Oregon

Family Float (11 of 12) Roger’s offspring: Julie with her husband Hallie came from Albany, Oregon, (their daughter Shelbi couldn’t make it because of work and such)

Oukrop Reunion Float (27 of 41) Juli and Hallie’s son Logan

Oukrop Reunion Float (8 of 41)Randi and her husband Chris with their son Cameron, from Tri-Cities Washington,

Oukrop Reunion Float (10 of 41)Angie all the way from Illinois  with daughter Jessi and her sweetie Dave

Oukrop Reunion Float (9 of 41)Angie’s other two daughters Ashley and Samantha

Family Float (12 of 12)Dan and his wife Chere, from Beavercreek Oregon (their offspring didn’t make it either) but they took Susan’s son Danny in their canoe for the family float

Oukrop Reunion Float (28 of 41)  Don and his wife Wynn, hosts of the celebration this year from Spokane, Washington

Oukrop Reunion Float (26 of 41)  Don’s offspring: Lanson and his wife Mandi, with their kids Ryder and Colbi,

dinner at Ginny and Gabes (18 of 34)Ginny and her husband Gabe  (behind Ginny on the right) and their little girl Alden

Oukrop Reunion (1 of 1)With only a few missing in the action there were still at least 33 people who spent four days eating, floating, swimming, playing, golfing, and generally having a great time together.  As a guest of Mo, I really enjoyed sharing in the festivities. Hopefully I haven’t messed up too badly getting all the names spelled correctly!

Next:  This time I promise to really write about Silverwood and our ride on the infamous Tremors wooden roller coaster!

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