Two sides of life

At the moment I am sitting in the ICU with my friend Bel. When I timed this visit, she was home, but before I left I got the call from her sister that she was back in the hospital. It isn’t easy being here, and it isn’t easy being Bel right now. We are staying here during the day and as much of the night as they will let us.

We have great nurses and nurses from hell. Doctors that all say something different. It is exhausting and frustrating.

Yet in the midst of it, I took a break and went to see Alison about an hour east of here. New life, precious and sweet. A new mom falling in love with her newborn. Sunny warm skies as we ate lunch on the shores of Lake Dora, and I got to learn how to do the new fangled stroller, car seat, everything carrier technology.

The drive through the Ocala forest was healing, and reminded me of all the lovely times i have shared with Bel since she moved here in the year 2000.

a life beginning and a life winding down. It is all a circle


Author: kyotesue

Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

11 thoughts on “Two sides of life”

  1. My heart goes out to you and Bel. I know she realizes what a friend she has in you to have come so far to be with her. Wish it were a happier circumstance. Thank goodness for Allison.


  2. I know how difficult life can be but you have shared such a heartfelt message and put things so beautifully into perspective. Hugs to you. We are in the Ocala Forest at Salt Springs Recreation Area and would enjoy meeting you however I know how exhausting this time is


  3. A true circle of life… what a true friend you are. We should all strive to be such and pray to have one so loyal.

    Here's another (KShug) but careful… it's cold and covered in snow!


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