3200 miles and It’s a Wrap

smoke from the 250K acre fires burning south in Oregon and Nevada I am sitting in the office at home in Rocky Point watching the midges, mosquitoes, and moths slapping against the dark windows.  We have been home for several days now and I am still not all caught up.  It is hot here, in the mid 90’s today, and smoky.  The Barry Point Fire near Lakeview and the Holloway Fire farther east in Oregon and Nevada have been raging since the 6th of August.

The heat is incredibly hard on the firefighters, with exhaustion setting in for the crews.  I have been following along on Inciweb in addition to a nice blog and Facebook posts that someone from the Barry Fire is doing.

Barry and Holloway fires The heat is good for the tomatoes, though, and the vines are getting heavy with nice little green things that hopefully will turn red in the next two weeks or so, at least maybe before the Labor Day frost.  The heat also is bringing out the frogs and every time I lift the top of the hot tub a little frog or two jumps out.  So far no floaters at least.

Mo came into the office today smiling at me saying, “What’s the temperature at the beach right now?” Brother Dan and his wife Chere are over there and with temperatures here in the high 90’s and smoky skies ever since we got home, those cool, foggy days on the coast sound pretty nice.

Seems as though the beach is calling Mo and she brought the motorhome back up the driveway this evening.  I have been working this week in addition to catching up on gardening chores and got the MoHo all spic and span on the inside and Mo shined her up on the outside.  Finally finished that job yesterday…and now it’s time to load up again?  But wait…I still haven’t written about half of the last trip we were on!  Still, I have been missing the ocean too.  Guess we will be pulling out of the driveway tomorrow morning early, sans Tracker.  This time we are just going to hang at the beach, and Mo put the bikes directly on the back of the MoHo so we can enjoy those great bike trails around the South Beach State Park near Newport, Oregon.

route map Colorado 2012Our Colorado Reunion Trip was a total of 3,212 miles, through Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, SOUTH DAKOTA, back into Wyoming, Idaho, and back home to Oregon.  Yes, we finally got to put that dang South Dakota sticker on the decal on the back of the MoHo. I think people like to see the numbers, so here they are: 21 Days:  fuel including about 500 extra miles of Tracker travel $1747.32, camping $280.12. We spent over 300 in groceries and 145 eating out which is unusual for us.  Must have been all that family time and fun cookouts.

time to fill in the South Dakota sticker! I managed to process most of the photos while we were traveling, and spent a couple of days after work here at home cleaning them up and getting them uploaded to Picasa.  That Picasa/Google thing makes me just crazy.  I hate that when I share photos directly from Picasa now, even using the actual copy/paste of the URL, when folks go look at them, they still get the Google thing.  Yeah, sure, Google is nice enough, but the photos are so dang BIG and you can’t see nice little thumbnails the way I can on Picasa Web Albums directly.  Ah well, progress I guess.  Like that crazy looking Windows 8 thing that Rick keeps talking about.

our beautiful Wood River Valley with the Casade Crest to the west...all hidden by smokeI last wrote when we were all relaxed in the beautiful Shoshone National Forest at Falls Campground in Wyoming.  I haven’t been that relaxed since, and our trip home was a blur of smoky highways and interstates, punctuated by the magnificent Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho, and finished off with the long trek home through the deserts of Eastern Oregon.  Even with the bronzy skies and red setting sun it was great to be home.  The house was clean and cool and roomy, and my bed even more so. 

Jeremy in position as we head west over the Bighorns Jeremy wandered around meowing at all the space, wondering where we went if we left the room.  He loves the motorhome because we are close by and it takes him awhile to adjust to all the rooms in the house where he can’t keep track of his people. Aren’t cats supposed to be independent?  Not this one!  Ever since he was a bottle fed baby of three weeks old he has wanted to be as close to me as he can, most of the time. Now, of course, Mo’s lap is as good or better than mine.  He adores her, even though she has only been around the last ten years or so.  Ha!

Roger and Nancy behind usDriving Highway 95 northeast of the Steens Yes, yes, I will write about the rest of our journey, but it will be predated for the actual dates that we were doing whatever we were doing, and as a result probably won’t show up in the blog rolls.  You will have to be a truly dedicated reader to find the posts when they go up.  Ha! I have the list…Bear Lake Regional Park, Carhenge (you won’t believe this one!), Wounded Knee, The Battlefield at Little Bighorn, the magical, mythical Bighorn Mountains and the Hot Springs at Thermopolis, the Niagara of the West at Twin Falls, and the sweetest little desert hot spring around in the middle of nowhere in Oregon.  Stay tuned…and to the people who read this blog and follow along and make comments…thank you.  For being patient with me and for still reading.

Author: kyotesue

Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

15 thoughts on “3200 miles and It’s a Wrap”

  1. glad you are home..but now you are heading out again!..how great is that!!!..enjoy the ocean and the cool breeze..the blog catch up will be there when you get back!..enjoy!


  2. Jeremy is one good looking kitty. I wish our Baxter was like that. He's very independent and I wanted him to be a lap kitty. Enjoy your next adventure! Phew….you're making me tired.


  3. Going to the beach – hoo ray! Love it. You guys are doing some great travels. I want to be sure and read the rest of the story of the big trip so I guess I'll just have to check mohotravels every day and not rely on my blog roll.

    Have a GREAT time at the beach. You sure are livin' a fine life of travels and home. Not sure anyone would full time if they lived where you do. 🙂


  4. Welcome home! Your reunion trip sounded wonderful (minus forest fire smoke). Our skies are also smoky and it's so hot here it feels like we're stuck in a furnace. We could use some rain and cooler temps!

    Know you'll enjoy South Beach St Pk and it's bike trails. Love that area! Do you visit the (free) Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport? It's near the Aquarium. Have FUN!


  5. eeew, floaters in the hot tub??? No! The beach sounds pretty darn nice right about now. You know there are MANY people here in Iowa that have NEVER seen the beach. It is hard to believe…. Drive careful!!


  6. eeew, floaters in the hot tub??? No! The beach sounds pretty darn nice right about now. You know there are MANY people here in Iowa that have NEVER seen the beach. It is hard to believe…. Drive careful!!


  7. Off again – good for you guys! Enjoy the Oregon Coast, it will certainly be cooler and clearer than where you are now. Nice spiffy looking rig.

    As for Picasa and Google+ photos, if you want to see thumbnails of all the pics in an album, just click on 1 picture in the album to display it and then look in the bottom left-hand corner of the display and click on 'view all' and you'll get thumbnails, o.k. The initial display of large, varied sized photos is an 'upgrade' to Picasa Web Albums that was supposedly implemented at the request of many, many users who didn't care for the thumbnails. I guess it shows that software developers can never, ever keep everyone happy.

    Windows 8 is cool and will be fun to work with – just wait!


  8. Actually, it's the little map on the left sidebar of your blog that needs South Dakota filled in 🙂

    That is a lot of miles for 3 weeks! It's taken us 5 months to go that many miles 🙂


  9. A week-end at the beach sounds wonderful. Anything to get away from all the smoke for awhile. I'm looking forward to your Twin Falls post because I think we're going that way when we head to AZ after Labor Day. I was thinking the Shoshone Ice Caves would be a great place to visit.


  10. That's the problem with traveling isn't it? Hard to stay on top of the blog when one is so prolific with the words — like you and me :-)))) But hey; I love the little details that bring the trip alive when I go back and re-live iy through the posts. I still prefer to post links to photos from my SmugMug album … some habits are hard to break.


  11. The Battlefield at Little Bighorn – can't wait to read that. I don't think many people get there, and it is one of the most evocative places we have visited. Definitely worth going out of the way to see.

    And the mystery hot springs…Crane? Summer Lake? Someplace I haven't visited??? Can't wait!

    I know you are having fun at the beach. It is cool and cloudy here in Eugene this morning. Lovely, lovely, lovely.


  12. Jeremy is quite a beauty. Our cats are our furry little shadows. Always nearby. The wildfires were bad this year and seemed to be every where. I'm glad we decided to stick to the coast this time.


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