May at Home in Rocky Point

(Remember to hover your mouse over photos for captions or click on them for the larger version)hostas.  I love them.I managed to keep the deer from eating all the buds on the azaleas 

I love May. It seems that no matter where I live, or where I am, May is the month that brings out the best in me.  October is probably a close second. When I make travel plans for the best time to be just about anywhere, it is usually May or October. Sometimes, though, here in the Klamath Basin, May can be a mixed blessing. This year we had beautiful days early in the month, and of course, when Memorial Day rolled around, it decided to snow.  I laughed and thought, “What’s new?” Snow in the basin on Memorial Day is only a touch more predictable than snow on the Fourth of July.


Susanne's Earthly Delights....the sign from my flower business from the 90'sOnce we arrived home with the MoHo after our meandering Covered Bridge Tour, life just settled in to a daily routine of gardening, cleaning up “stuff”,  and working at my “real” job.  (I may not have that real job much longer after the end of the fiscal year September 30, so I am trying to appreciate it instead of complaining about having to go to work all the time).  How dare I complain anyway!?  The job is something I love to do and I get to do it from home in my jammies if I want to most of the time.


the MoHo was spotless when we tucked it back into the MoHo shed, and we still have several cords of good firewoodI think it took the two of us the better part of a week to get the MoHo completely cleaned up after all our winter travels.  It was nice to get her back home where I could really vacuum and scrub and clean the cupboards out, while Mo washed and shined the outside.  She looks beautiful, (the MoHo) although now the spring pollen is coming and I see a light film of yellow on that shiny exterior, even with her tucked away in her shed.

 Mo is always trying to get the sprinklers properly adjusted In spite of the sketchy weather, May is the month when Mo and I spend most of our time cleaning up what is left of winter and getting ready for the prettiest time of year. We live in a beautiful forest, and that beautiful forest means we have beautiful (or not so beautiful) pine needles everywhere.  Lots of them.  It seems we are raking pine needles year round and my least favorite job is picking pine needles out of the rocky paths that meander around the property under the trees.

love the way the light plays through the aspens In the midst of chores, we took some time off for a little Mom’s day celebration at my daughter’s home. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and it was wonderful to be treated to a lovely brunch and some delightful family time.  quilt for an as yet to be born baby girlThe following weekend we attended the annual Taste of Klamath celebration. Our little town has a lovely theater, and each year the “Taste” benefits the Ross Ragland and we get to amble around eating amazing little bites of various restaurant tastings and drinking our ten tickets worth of wine.  It is always fun, and as often happens, the sun left and the skies clouded up for the event.  Thankfully, most of the food is now inside the theater and under big tents. 


park at the Taprock Grill on the Rogue Riversnow over the pass on Memorial Day weekendThe days flew by, faster than we could track, with lots of time spent each day working away in the gardens, raking, digging, planting, cleaning, more raking and more cleaning.  In between, when the skies were rainy, I took some time to quilt and to knit, and even managed to finish a little blanket for an as yet unborn baby girl coming to Mo’s family.

We traveled back over to Grants Pass one day to look around at some ideas for winter storage for the MoHo and pick up some  plants from my favorite nursery, and discovered a magnificent restaurant on the banks of the Rogue River.  The morning we left, the snow was coming down at home, but Grants Pass was sunny and gorgeous and it was a great respite from the cold.  I had no idea there was such a beautiful park right on the north bank of the river and the Taprock Northwest Grill was incredibly beautiful.  I could see why the town is touted as the “Best River Town in America”. 

Finally, as the month drew to a close, the weather started to warm up for real, and on June 1st, the morning dawned sunny and bright with daytime temperatures expected to be in the 80’s.  Plants were waiting to be planted, mulch was waiting to be spread, more needles were waiting to be picked out of the rocks and instead we just said, “It is TIME!”

blackbirds on the wocus at Recreation CreekMo and Abby at the Harriman Springs runThere is nothing quite as wonderful as getting out on the water so close to home.  So little effort, really, just the ability to walk away from the chores and take advantage of our beautiful location minutes from Pelican Bay on Klamath Lake. The snow on Mt McLoughlin was brilliant, the water was clear and the lake is up and the wocus had just started to bloom. 

We heard more birds than we saw, with blue herons, great egrets, and sandhill cranes all calling in the tall bulrushes but staying well hidden except for a single heron feeding along the edge of the marsh. I saw at least 50 white pelicans soaring high in the distance toward the north but none where we were paddling on this sunny morning. It was a perfect time on the water and once back home I happily finished up a few garden chores before relaxing into the evening.

lots of tender annuals that hopefully will survive the June 5th freeze predictionmulching the flower beds This morning we woke to weather alerts saying that the snow level is dropping to 4500 feet on Tuesday morning and the temperatures are dropping to 28 degrees. Sigh. I have just finished planting a ridiculous number of tender annuals in my flower beds and tomatoes and beans are in the greenhouse. The hot tub needed her bi annual cleaning and we thought it might be nice to get it done before the snow hits again. Mo repaired and painted the garden furniture while I finished scrubbing out the tub.

It seems as though I have traveled to town entirely too many times this month, especially with gasoline still running 4.29 per gallon for regular here in Klamath.  What’s with that?!?  Only in the east has the price actually been falling but the news keeps saying how great it is that gas is going down.  Down?  not here! I still have been driving in to work a couple of times a week, and then having to make a few additional trips with the small trailer to pick up loads of nice fine bark mulch for the flower beds.

IMG_2421 On the way home yesterday, I stopped to check out the new interpretive signs installed along Highway 140 on Doak Mountain, my route to and from town.  We do live in a magical area, and the signs reminded me again how special this part of the world really is. When driving that route so often, sometimes I just wish I lived closer to town and forget just how many folks would come to drive the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway for recreation.  Even as many times as I drive this road, every time I come over Doak Mountain and look out over the lake, I feel a tug on my heart.  It is home, it is beautiful, I am so lucky to live here. 


Wocus just starting to bloom on Pelican Bay with Mt McLoughlin

Author: kyotesue

Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

18 thoughts on “May at Home in Rocky Point”

  1. Great day to be out on the lake, Sue. You have done such a wonderful job getting things all cleaned up and planted, ready for summer. Hope the temps don't fall as low as predicted. That would not be nice. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos.


  2. Great post! What an idyllic setting you live in. Your yard is absolutely gorgeous with your green grass and colorful flower beds. I gave up on spreading bark. Just seems to harbor insects and then the weed come up through it anyway. Sure looks beautiful though, especially when it's freshly spread. So nice that you and Mo go tout on the water and LOVE that last picture. I have to agree that there is no where else on earth that I would rather live than Oregon. Go Ducks!!


  3. Sure do understand about all the Pine needles making things messy. Hard to keep things neat & clean with pine needles littering the ground. We just passed through our yellow Pine Pollen period last week. That stuff just gets in every crack & crevice inside or out. I would enjoy living in that area very much, except for the snow & ice of winter. Nice yards, nice photos, nice post:))


  4. Greetings!
    I'm headed down the coast from Westport, WA back home to the Pasadena, CA area and would love to pick your brains about roads and campgrounds between Westport and probably Monterey. Don't know how else to contact you except through this and am hoping that you get my email address when I leave a comment. So … thanks in advance! Laura


  5. Greetings!I'm headed down the coast from Westport, WA back home to the Pasadena, CA area and would love to pick your brains about roads and campgrounds between Westport and probably Monterey. Don't know how else to contact you except through this and am hoping that you get my email address when I leave a comment. So … thanks in advance! Laura


  6. Boy you really do live in a beautiful area! And what a variation in weather. Snow on memeorial day, that would be a first for me being the south eastern girl that I am. Your yard is gorgeous. I love looking at landscaping as long as I don't have to do it. I think I'd just let the pine needles do the landscaping or whatever mother nature wanted. Lazy me I know. Sorry to hear about the gas. It was down to $3.23 here yesterday I'm just AMAZED that it is a dollar higher in Oregon.


  7. I new I was missing some of my blogs. When you have 2 computors you miss some in the transfer. So I need to catch up on your travels. So far pictures are beautiful and your yard is really pretty. I also love hasta and I bought one this spring. Now to keep it alive this winter while I am gone.


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