I won! 002I won! I won!!  Amazing.  Those of you who rode along with me in the MoHo on the Coast 101 Quilt Run (my very first such experience), and wished me well, are in for some thank you’s.  I won a third prize gift certificate for $50 to spend at will at the sweet little quilt shop in Brookings.  I am happy to say that this was one of my favorite stores of the 14 that  I visited.  I had given up on winning anything except receipts for all the fabric I bought when this little card showed up in the mail yesterday.  Needless to say, I am tickled and already imagining and remembering all those gorgeous fabrics and the great ladies I met in the shop last month.

Carrizo Plain flowersLucky me, since we are heading back to Brookings on Sunday morning, and I told Mo that we would have to wait until store opening time on Monday before we travel south to California.  Once again we are going south, looking for sunshine and warmth.  According to the predictions, however, it might be warmer than Rocky Point but probably not much sunnier.  A big storm is dampening the west right now, and it spreads far and wide.

birthday snow_477Our plans have shifted back and forth several times, with thoughts of traveling far enough south to the Carizzo Plain to see the amazing wildflower show.  The image on the right is from the internet (I have no idea who to acknowledge here), but it is one I have seen repeatedly when searching for wildflower blooming times in the California springtime.  The Carizzo Plain and the Tremblor Mountains straddle the San Andreas Fault and are a long way from anywhere southeast of Paso Robles and southwest of Bakersfield.

I plugged the plan into Streets and Trips, counted the days, looked at the weather, and looked at the lack of rain and rethought the plan.  Wildflowers on the plain are an ephemeral thing, totally dependent on the timing of rainfall, and this year there has been very little.  Rumor has it there isn’t much blooming  yet. The Carizzo Plain will have to wait for another year. Of course, now that we have ten days to get away, it is raining.  Of course. 

we had no snow this winter, so I knew it would come in Marchclose to two feet of snow in the last 2 daysGas prices being what they are, and timing being what it is, I decided instead that it might be time to go see Pinnacles National Monument.  Merikay was there recently and took some great photos.  Mo was there many years ago when she lived near Half Moon Bay, but I have never seen it.  Several friends from soil survey have been involved in the soil mapping there as well.  I have read papers, and seen the results of research and study, but now I just want to walk and explore and experience what it has to offer. 

Being a national monument, we knew that Abby couldn’t go on the trails, so planned for a doggie day care in nearby Gilroy for the two days we plan to stay in the park.  The day care seems rather amazing, with no cages, just lots of beds and toys and other friendly dogs in a big doggie park kind of environment. 

The new office color is called cocoa rumJeremy is wishing the birds would hurry up and returnLast week I wasn’t working, but of course Mo and I had some big projects waiting for a non-working, non-traveling week.  We finished the painting project started last year at this time and completed our office, and mud room and back entry halls.

In the early mornings I worked on the baby blanket I am knitting for Mo’s new grand niece born just after her birthday and took one long afternoon to pull out the sewing machine.  When Maryruth and I had our girls weekend last fall, we bought fabric and patterns at the quilt shop in Chico, but of course Maryruth doesn’t quilt.  I am making this diamond lattice table runner for her. As simple as it looks, it still is a bit of a challenge for me as a newbie, but I am having so much fun with it.  It amazes me how all these little puzzle pieces actually turn into something.

been working on a baby blanket for a new grand niece coming to Mowinter days are perfect for quiltingThis week was a working week for me again, and Mo managed to finish painting her entire big bathroom while I plunked away on the computer.  It is Friday!!  I shut down NASIS for the last time this evening and won’t look at it again for ten days.  Poured myself a glass of wine and took a deep breath.  Tomorrow we will brave whatever the weather gods have in store for us over the Highway 140 pass to go to Medford for the day.  Our destination: the annual Cheese Festival at the Rogue Creamery and of course an opportunistic Costo Run as well.  Gotta stock up for our Sunday exit to sunny…er…rainy California.


Author: kyotesue

Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

18 thoughts on “Yes!”

  1. Wow you guys sure have some snow there in Rocky Point. No snow here in Klamath. Have fun at the Cheese festival! I have always wanted to go but the weather never cooperates. I wish I was going south…. 😉


  2. Now why'd you have to go and get all that snow? That's just crazy!!

    I like the color in your office, nice and warm. And the photo of Jeremy looking out the window is great.

    Travel safe and watch out for snowplows


  3. congrats on the big win!! fun that will be to have some 'free money'!
    hope that you find the sun in California!!…been a crazy week here in Vancouver..sun wind rain snow hail..the whole package!!


  4. Congratulations on your win; even better, it's something you can use. I remember winning a mani-pedi certificate at a conference in Denver … the only problem … I was there for the day, flying out an hour after the last session :-))


  5. I know that your are less than thrilled at the snow cover you have, but the pictures of your slice of heaven are very peaceful. Crazy as life goes, for the past 5 months we have been traveling to escape the snow and now here I sit reading your blog and realizing how much I have missed it after all. Geeeezzzz! Congratulations on your win.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)


  6. As pretty and as nice as that snow looks, I sure don't miss it & the cold weather that comes with it. Have always liked the photos & warm cozy color combinations of your house interior. We love those softer pastel southwest colors as well & will attempt to replicate them in our new digs. Pretty nice feeling to win something eh:))


  7. Way to go with the win!! BUT I'll bet you spend more than $50 when you go shopping :-))) You'll have a great time though.

    Thanks for sharing your snow pictures. I love lOOKING at them.
    Hope your parade to the warm didn't get rained out.


  8. Oh, that prize must be burning a hole in your pocket. What fun!

    Believe it or not, there is a chance of snow here in Congress, AZ (near Wickenburg), where we are holed up at the Escapees RV park while we wait it out (heading north). With the warm, dry, winter, we had hoped to find good weather at the south rim onf the GC – not to be this year.

    Have fun wherever you go…


  9. Congratulations!!! And how convenient that you're just on your way back by there! Spend wisely!

    I love looking at all the homey stuff you girls have! And Jeremy!!!

    Have fun and be safe tomorrow! I'd been wondering where the heck you've been!


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