Rocky Point Sunday

another view from the mail boxNo, I still haven’t put together the rest of the stories about our cruise.  Hopefully I can get motivated on that project before I completely forget all the little details.  Instead, we arrived home last Sunday night and Monday morning I immediately went to work at my “real” part time job, the one that needs to have 40 good hours of attention every two weeks. Working from home is great, as long as the home computer does its thing without hitches.  Instead, my old Dell computer running XP (for the government software) decided to burp and then basically throw up.  So it was off to town for me and a couple of days working on the reliable government computer at my official office.  I am lucky in that my bosses have all agreed that it is smart to have a real workstation available for me here in Klamath Falls, even though I technically work for Portland, Oregon, for Davis, California, for Sonora, California and for Klamath Falls, 30 miles away from my home in Rocky Point. 

the back yard mapleAfter some serious time with my computer guru in town, we managed to get the Virtual PC XP operating system working inside my new Windows 7 Dell.  I only barely understand what is going on here, but with this system, I can actually install the government (XP only) software on my new machine.  Good thing, since my old machine is still at the computer guru’s house getting gutted.  Possibly too much information here for anyone but Rick, but what the heck, I need to have an excuse for not writing about the cruise yet! Back home with a working system and functioning software the rest of my work week went just fine.

DSC_0115I didn’t write, but managed to try to keep up at least a little bit on the blog world.  Something interesting appeared that I thought would be fun to check out.  It seems that several RV bloggers have dogs that are some kind of blue heeler, or blue heeler mix.  We have figured out that Abby is mostly blue heeler with cocker spaniel overtones.  Check out Travel with the Whippets and read their stories about the ability of their dog Bandido to disembowel any toy in a matter of minutes.  Hmm.  Abby does that.  Check out Pheebs over on Al’s website.  Al has regaled us with stories of the Pheeb’s energy repeatedly since she became a part of the Bayfield Bunch family.  Abby. Another story, that I seem to have lost track of, talked about another heeler’s separation anxiety and panic attacks when left for even a moment in a car or a house.  Again. Abby. Could it be possible that all this energy, toy destruction, separation anxiety and absolute complete devotion is a characteristic of the blue heeler breed?  Just a thought.

fall color_66fall color_90The colors have changed here in Rocky Point, just a bit later than last year, but still beautiful.  In fact, the aspens seem to have more pink and orange tones than usual.  I thought that the pink color in an aspen was related to the variety, but some of these trees are usually just yellow and this year are many shades of pink and orange, so I guess my original thought is completely wrong.  Back to aspen research, I guess.  In the mean time, I am just really enjoying all our fall color right here at home after traveling clear across the country and missing out on most of the seasonal brilliance on the east coast.

The burning season has opened again for a short time and yesterday Mo raked some pine needles while I cleaned out the greenhouse.  Mo also tore up the old boards on the back cabin deck that need replacing and built a very serious bonfire with them. Just one whiff of that wonderful wood smoke reminded me of hot dogs.  Yes, hot dogs.  I said, “We have some dogs and buns in the freezer, let’s do it!”  Within minutes we had defrosted the dogs and buns in the microwave, skewered the dogs to the end of the pitchfork, drug the chairs to the bonfire and had ourselves a quick, impromptu perfect hot dog supper.  I’m not on the diet officially any more, but still doing the maintenance thing, so Abby lucked out and got 2/3 of my bun.

walking home from the mailboxI noticed as we were enjoying  this wonderful home moment that I had no desire to run for the camera, to turn it into a blog moment, fully documented.  I just wanted to enjoy the bonfire, the fall leaves in the background, the smell of wood smoke.  So, no photos, but still worth writing about so I don’t forget how wonderful simple moments can be.  Last night in the hot tub there was no moon to dim the brilliance of the stars. 

Today we will continue a few outside maintenance jobs and start to load up the MoHo for the short trip to Brookings.  This year the snow has held off for us, unlike the east coast and unlike last year.  We as yet have no snow at home or on the passes, so our journey to the coast will be in time.  With night temperatures dropping into the teens and the MoHo un-wintered, we will be glad to get her safely to storage where the temperatures don’t go below freezing. A couple of nights at Harris Beach and some days walking the sands will be fun.

Author: kyotesue

Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

14 thoughts on “Rocky Point Sunday”

  1. Glad you're back home safe and sound. You'll be missing that big storm back east. Great fall pictures you have…great color there. I always loved it down around Klamath Lake this time of the year. One of the main reasons I enjoyed hunting was just getting out and seeing Fall.


  2. Nice Autumn colors and how great to have hot dogs over a campfire. I love the magic in the forest at this time of year. Looks like you live in a very peaceful setting there. Good for you guys being in harmony with nature.


  3. Just read this. Bandido is now a star! Sirens are blaring nearby, a rare occurrence. Bandido is at the windshield showing intense interest.

    Oregon is on our short list for next summer's travels.
    If we come that way, we'll have to talk with you about places to stay and sights to see.


  4. We were in Portland last weekend and the color was just beautiful. Oregon is truly a special place – one that we hope to move back to eventually. Your photos are so crisp and clear!


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