My blogging mentor comes to Rocky Point!

Laurie and Odel_35I am reasonably certain that just about anyone dropping in to read my blog already reads Laurie and Odel’s blog, Semi-True Tales of our Life on the Road. I read Laurie’s blog long before I knew there was such a thing as an RV blogging community, and when we met in person in 2010, Laurie gave me a ton of pointers on how to do a blog, and where to find some of the other bloggers I might like to read.  My “stretch” format for this blog was stolen almost directly from Laurie, with her permission and help of course.

Laurie and Odel taking off in the kayaks for the first timeOur paths have crossed a few times, and it was with great delight that I discovered they planned to be here on Saturday before leaving Oregon for the season on their way back to California. I spoke to the weather gods, who teased me with early morning freezing fog before bringing on a gorgeous, wind free, sunny day in the mid-60’s. Perfect kayaking weather!  Especially for someone not familiar with that unsteady feeling when you get in a kayak for the first time.

Laurie and Odel are getting comfortable after just a few minutes out on the water“Just like a bicycle”, I told Odel.  Watching that first wiggle as Odel got used to the boat reminded me of my first time after we bought the kayaks.  I remember thinking, “OMIGOSH, I will never be able to do this”. Within minutes, Odel was racing along like a pro, although the exceedingly calm waters without a lick of current were probably a bit helpful. I was so busy worrying about Odel in that first few moments that I have no clue how Laurie did as Mo helped her first launch.  I am pretty sure it was flawless, though, because I heard no splashes or exclamations in the background and when I finally looked up, Laurie was racing along even faster than Odel.

Odel said it was hard to get romantic in a tippy kayakWe spent a couple of hours meandering down to Harriman Springs, laughing and talking and enjoying every minute of the gorgeous sunshine and bluebird skies. Turns out it was opening day for duck hunting season and we were entertained by men in camouflage  and boats that looked like some sort of grass hut plying the waters out to the main part of Klamath Lake where they could shoot. Lucky for us, there was no shooting in Pelican Bay or down Harriman Creek, and the white pelicans just meandered around as if everything was just fine.  Surprisingly, we didn’t see many ducks, and from what they said, neither did the hunters!

time for a cool one after a great kayakAfter our kayak, we walked the short distance to the Rocky Point restaurant, still quiet enough in the early afternoon that we snagged the perfect windowside table for our refreshments.  The laughing and conversation continued until we all realized that our late lunch/early supper plans were turning into much later than originally thought. We drove back to the house with hungry bellies. Before long Mo had the baby BBQ going and I had a Copper River salmon filet on a plank with a new homemade citrus rub I decided to try.  Our guests brought some great Chardonnay to flesh out the meal. Dessert was a big adventure, since I decided to try the new “thing” that seems to be going around food circles recently.  Fresh strawberries with a good 18 year old balsamic vinegar over vanilla ice cream.  The real kicker to this recipe is the call for fresh black pepper.  Yes, that is pepper!  I was chicken to put it on, but in a flash Odel had that pepper shaker out and was peppering the ice cream with abandon. 

His bravery inspired the rest of us, and amazingly, it was really good!  Mo, who is the least adventurous eater among us, opted for chocolate on her vanilla. I offered my little bit of leftovers in my bowl (yeah I am still dieting and only ate a tiny bit!) to Mo, who smiled and said, “I’ll bet Abby will like this.” Abby of course, thought it was great, pepper and all.

Laurie and Odel_103CaptureHere is a map of where we kayaked today.

A few more photos of our visit are linked here.

Happy October Everyone!

Author: kyotesue

Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

18 thoughts on “My blogging mentor comes to Rocky Point!”

  1. I think Laurie and Odell should have a rally. There'd be lots of us wanting to come to show our appreciation for the wonderful blogs they do, and the great information they provide for us! Sounds like a wonderful, wonderful day….


  2. Sue, you captured the day so perfectly that I won't even need to write about… I'll just link to your blog! 🙂

    Thanks so much (to you and Mo) for EVERYTHING – all your planning, keeping an eye on us in our kayaks, and that wonderful meal. It felt like we were on vacation, just a wonderful time. It could not have been more perfect.


  3. We have met Laurie and Odel a couple times and can vouch for what a great couple they are. Such a perfect day for all of you out on calm waters under your Blue Bird sky. And, I'm with Mo, just a little chocolate on my vanilla thank you very much…:))


  4. What a great day and you captured it perfectly – in words and pictures!

    I'm going to have to give that pepper on ice cream a lot more thought though!

    Laurie and Odel are two of the bloggers on our 'most want to meet' list!!


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