Add me to the list as well

I am here, reading when I can, but haven’t been able to comment, either with my XP machine or my new Windows7 machine. It’s cold and rainy in Rocky Point, I am working at home and gardening in between rain storms. Nothing much going on at the moment, but it’s been awhile, and since I can’t comment, thought maybe I should just drop a line. Haven’t heard from Russ and Donna K lately either, so hoping all is ok there.

My son and his extended family living in Joplin are all OK, but it has been a terrifying week for him. For a long time we were only able to communicate via text message, but isn’t that amazing? No phones work, but he got a message to me saying he was alive and his step daughter was in the WalMart (where she works) but alive. They put 8 women in the women’s bathroom and they all lived. They had 11 men go to the men’s bathroom, and it was obliterated and the men have not yet been found. He says the devastation is far worse than you can imagine. I know that many of us have been in this part of the country traveling in May, so I am counting blessings and praying for those not spared.

A bit later now, I have discovered if link to a blog from my followed list on my own blog, after I have logged in to blogger in draft, then I seem to be able to comment, at least more often than not. Who knows what that is about, but thought I would mention it.