It’s snowing and we are leaving tomorrow!!

March snow at home (9) Today winter returned to Rocky Point with a vengeance.  Just a few days ago, while   doing our bi-weekly wood haul to the back porch, I noticed stiff little green spikes poking up through the old leaf litter in my flower beds: rows and rows of miniature daffodils along a stone wall, and several large groups of naturalized bigger daffodils under the aspens down by Mo’s handmade water wheel. 

Yesterday Mo drove over the mountain to Medford to pick up a nice little greenhouse for us from Harbor Freight.  Super sale price for a 10×12 structure made with sturdy aluminum framing and some kind of semi-rigid plexiglass walls.  I am sooo tickled about this.  Last year we spent most of the summer trying to outsmart the deer and guess what, the deer won!  We also live in the mountains, where nights just don’t warm up enough to ripen things much.  Even the lavender that I planted at my old house back in Klamath Falls (where my daughter lives now) grew five times as big as what I can grow here.

……………………………………………………………………………………………………… Isn’t this just the picture of optimism?

March snow at home (3)March snow at home (8)This year we will put up the greenhouse in late spring and I will use it as the main garden, safe behind walls that will keep the deer out, and warmer at night so I might actually get some tomatoes and peppers, and yum! some fresh basil, and… and…and… Since we plan to be traveling in Alaska during June and July, I am curious to see just what kind of garden will greet me on my arrival back home August 1st.  I will optimistically plant goodies in raised beds filled with rich soil, make sure everything is ventilated well, and Mo will hook up an automatic watering system.  We will have someone caretaking the big house and mowing lawns, but I certainly wouldn’t expect them to handle the greenhouse garden. Even if it all goes to seed, or gets too hot, or if the rabbits and voles find their way inside, it will still be a great experiment, and I’ll know better what to do next time. 

March snow at home (12) Ah well, for now the snow is coming down in thick huge heavy flakes, piling up on the trees until the blustery winds dump big solid white cascades of cold wet stuff.  Better make sure you aren’t standing under any trees out there right now.  Mo brought up the bins for loading up clothes and food and all the other “stuff” we need for our 2 1/2 weeks on the road and I am making lists and checking off items as we load them up.  I think I do need to make a “real” list, something permanent somewhere, and then I can just check everything off as we load up, whether it is in the baby car or in the MoHo directly.  This time will be the last for awhile that we have to haul things back and forth, because after this trip we are bringing the MoHo home again.  Let’s pray that early April doesn’t send another snowstorm like this one.  If so, we might have to come up with another plan as we travel toward home on 395.

Tonight we will brush the snow off the hot tub for one more soothing soak before getting a good night’s rest in anticipation of an early morning departure. Tomorrow should be great fun, in spite of the predicted rain.  After picking up the MoHo in Redding, 160 miles south, we will continue south on I-5 to Sacramento, where we plan to stop in for a visit with Laurie and Odel at Cal Expo before we settle in for the night a bit farther on down the road toward the desert and sunshine!! 

Author: kyotesue

Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

11 thoughts on “It’s snowing and we are leaving tomorrow!!”

  1. Sue, if you can get your housesitter to pick and eat any food produced in your garden (shouldn't be TOO difficult), you will probably come home to something edible. I'm sure you know… picking and eating is the way to extend the life of an annual plant – when you don't give it the chance to go to seed, it keeps putting out more “fruit” hoping to reproduce. Most folks are glad to get some free fresh food (aren't they?). 🙂


  2. Heading for sunshine!! That sounds like a plan!!! We're just stuck in the rain here in Eugene. Before the middle of April, we're hoping to head for a sunnier place. Probably head over to Reno to visit family, then down 395 to Bishop, Big Pine, and wherever. Maybe we'll see you along the way somewhere.

    Safe journey to you.


  3. As nice as snow looks coming down, the aftermath isn't always pretty … time to head to warmer climes. Lots of work means no play time for me, so I am looking forward to following along when you are able to post.


  4. I like that greenhouse idea. Hope the weather smartens up for you guys. Safe travels & that inclement weather your having will really make you appreciate the warm desert air when you get there. Bad winds in our neighborhood right now!!


  5. Through snow, and sleet and rain….Let's get this show on the road!! Be wary of the ice though..that's one thing McGuyver won't drive our fiver in, if possible…”Go into the light”..and the warmth…and travel safe!


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