New Followers and the rig

2005 California Cruise 130It has been a busy week here in Rocky Point.  Even though I work part time as a retiree, there are sometimes glitches in the paper work, so now instead of a “National Older Worker” I have become a contractor for a private temp agency.  Same diff, really, same pay, same assignments, the only pain in the patoottie is having to redo everything, get my government computer authorization redone, dealing with a cancelled government email account, and deleted access to NASIS (National Soil Information System).  Good part about all this is that I didn’t need to work this week before the cruise, and won’t actually start up again until February when I return.  Ahhh, real retirement for a couple of weeks! 
2005 California Cruise 128I have some new followers and want to send out a big “thank you”.  Teri has a new blog that shares her broken heart and a great attitude and willingness to move forward. I really enjoy reading her thoughts lately.  Teri asked about what kind of rig we had. Ruth and Ken from Five-Just Rolling Down the Road are finally beginning to warm up after all that cold weather down south. Meowmomma and her hubby at the Cathouse Adventures have been dealing with rude drivers, but the cats don’t seem to mind. Mike and Pat  of Mike and Pat’s Travels are following along as well. Mike was one of a few bloggers in Arizona who spoke up about the recent tragedy in Tucson.  Knowing how most of us carefully dance around our political and spiritual selves, I appreciated his post a lot. Gin and Syl just got some new shoes for Wanda, oh, I think of tires as shoes too! My friends Chris and Karen decided to follow along as well, although I don’t have blog sites for them.  Chris actually has a food blog that is totally entertaining, but he writes about once every six months or so.  I like the reference to “blog supporters” rather than blog followers that seems to be going around.  May have to dip into the design mode and change that one as well. 

The baby MoHo was only 21 feet long and pretty tight inside
2005 California Cruise 129
Back to Teri’s question about our rig.  Mo bought the first motorhome back in 2005.  It was a gently used Dynamax, 21 feet long and really a sweet little rig.  This was before blog days and it’s one of those stories that I hope to get up there eventually, but in the mean time, here are some photos.  We loved the small rig for getting in and out of forest service campgrounds, and it was really cozy and snug.  The bedroom window did leak in a heavy rain, showers were taken sitting on the toilet, and I had to get on my knees to get into the refrigerator.  Hence on our cross country trip in 2007 Mo found the current MoHo in New Braunfels, Texas and we traded in the baby MoHo and traveled the rest of the way home in roomy luxury.  Our current rig is a 2006 Dynamax Isata 254SL Touring Sedan on a Ford E450 V-10 chassis.
Moving Day 12-27-2007 1-22-47 PMWe discovered with the baby MoHo that we really like the well built quality of the  Dynamax rigs, although there don’t seem to be a lot of them out west.  They can be expensive, but Mo shopped around and found this one as a year old model that hadn’t been driven, but of course had a well reduced price.  We get about 9 mpg when we are towing the Tracker, and I think maybe 10.5 was the best we ever got with it.  Our holding and water tanks aren’t as big as a class A would be, but we can boondock for a week or so if we are careful.  We truly love this rig, especially the 26 foot length which gives us a lot of flexibility.  It is roomy enough that we can travel for weeks, but would probably have a hard time if we were full-timing.  It tows the car with ease, and keeps up with hills and traffic as well as any and better than some. The photo on the right was taken while we were driving down the road with the slide in.  I can’t believe as much as we have traveled in this rig that I have taken so few photos of the interior.  Next trip that will be on my list of to-do’s.

coast_day5 (1)This week I took advantage of a week with no work by going to town, two towns actually, a trip to Klamath (60 mile round trip) and a trip to Medford (about 100 miles round trip).  The Klamath trip entailed hair time and a great lunch at Applebee’s with my daughter, the purchase of a new external drive (how in the heck can I fill up 300 GIG so fast?), shopping, gas and all those other things that we don’t have out at Rocky Point.  The trip to Medford included a skin check (yeah, I have freckles and this was my first one in 65 years), some shopping at Chico’s (yeah, I am an addict for Chico’s) finalized with a truly great dinner at Red Lobster.  Mo got her Harbor Freight fix as well.  Gotta love that place.  She is always looking for practical reasonable things that we need. I, on the other hand, get all excited about those cute little tools that do a bunch of things at once and come in a kit.  Mo just rolls her eyes at me.  I got out of there yesterday with no cutesy tools and just a really cool pair of leather palm gloves for less than five bucks!  Ah, if only the Chico’s habit was that cheap.

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Soil scientist/mapper working for 35 years in the wild lands of the West. I am now retired, enjoying my freedom to travel, to hike without a shovel and a pack, to knit and quilt and play, to play with photography and write stories about all of it.

7 thoughts on “New Followers and the rig”

  1. I can't for the life of me find the link where I made that map. Some other really kind blogger sent it to me, I made the map and now it's just an inert little thing on my blog. Geez. I'll keep trying to find it, since I may need it again too when I add some states!


  2. ok, I'm going right now on line to see what “Chicos” is. I just know it is a store I would like !

    Last year we FINALLY made it to a Trader Joe's ! After reading about them in blogs… I actually had a list of people's favorite things to check out.


  3. I'm clicking on follow again today, you are not showing up in my reader list. Thanks for the info on your MOHO, I am still looking and like to hear the good and bad about others rigs.


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