A long weekend at the Brookings condo

Transcribed in April 2011 from very sketchy notes in our old leather journal, with help from the photos.

03_Nov_Brookings003 03_Nov_Brookings004 Mo has a condo in Brookings that overlooks the Pacific from high on a cliff.  Although she offers it as a vacation rental, she can stay there for 17 days per year without losing any of the tax benefits.  We had to leave Molly at Double C for boarding, however, since the condo association has a “no pet” rule. 

03_Nov_Brookings001 03_Nov_Brookings015 Mo’s brother Roger and his wife Nancy drove over from Corvallis to spend the weekend with us.  We had a great time walking the beaches, cooking and eating out a couple of times.  The condo is quite comfortable with two full bedrooms and an incredible view with a deck for sunset watching.  The beach is private, and there is a very long steep staircase leading down to the water.  We found three big old whale vertebra bones that we rescued for garden art back home. 

03_Nov_Brookings038On the way home we stopped at the Jedediah Smith State Park, a cathedral of silent redwoods underlain by thick moss, ferns and shadowy paths.